Back Pocket Full of Magic

As the semester comes to a close, it is time I wrap up my learning project. This learning project was something that I had looked forward to doing throughout the semester. It was a fun reason to be online and to learn something new.

Why should I learn something online?

Online learning is an amazing thing that we are able to do because of the internet. It allows us to learn skills like cooking, writing, speaking a new language, changing a flat tire, and others just with a click of a button and typing in some key words.

What is the learning project?

This project was based on the idea that you are now able to learn and share more online. For this assignment, we were to pick something that we would like to learn and share about in an open online space. It had to be something that requires a sustained effort.

Why Magic?

I can understand that some people may look at what I chose to do for my learning project and automatically assume that is something that does not require a sustained effort or should have been chosen for the assignment at all, which is why I chose to include this portion into my blog post today.

Magic is something that actually requires a lot of effort as it is a live illusion. You must work hard to perfect the timing and object manipulation. Not only does it take a lot of focus and drive to learn magic, but it beneficial to learn as well.


  • improves your critical thinking skills
    • crucial for a career as it may require you to analyze, interfere, interpret, self-regulate, evaluate, and explain
  • improves your creativity and inspires curiosity
  • increases self confidence and charisma
  • teaches self-discipline
  • helps to develop fine and gross motor skills, improves coordination
  • improves interpersonal skills like presentation skills, communication skills, and public speaking skills
  • increases problem-solving skills
  • and can even become a source of income

After looking at magic through what it offers to an individual, it is evident that this is a skill that is worth learning. It is also just something fun for you to learn and to entertain your friends and family with.

My Process

If I am going to be completely honest, starting this project was rough. I often found myself getting frustrated when I couldn’t perform the trick like I had wanted or at all. I had started out wanting to learn at least a trick a week and be able to perform a magic show at the end of the semester. Well, two of these did not happen. If you are sitting there confused right now like, “umm Brittney you only said two things, how did both not work out?” then you are right. Both of the goals I had set for myself at the beginning had not been achieved. Life and my abilities got in the way of being able to achieve these goals so I had to adapt to my situation.

I had adapted my magic to learning one a week and then video tapping them to compile into a video. During this time I learnt disappearing ice, card, cup and ball, coin, floating, and disappearing salt tricks. I had also adapted my magic once again to learn one trick over every two weeks. This was due to stressors from family and school, and a lack of time to practice because of school and having two jobs.

During my first week with this project I had learnt a trick involving ice. This trick was simply to make the ice disappear within the cup itself! Here is an image I took before I had started recording myself.

The next trick I had learnt after was a card trick. This trick involved having to find someones card within the deck of cards. With this trick, the person is assigned whatever the top card is and they do not get to pick their card. This trick involved a bit of card manipulation so this is how it went..

Long story short, I got frustrated as my fingers were not the best for this manipulation type of trick so I took a break. Later during the day, I had saw a card trick that involved people picking their own cards so I tried that one out as well. Here’s how it went!

For my video for the cup and ball trick and the coin trick, I had compiled the two tricks into one video. Of course this did not go as planned, and we had a few distractions along the way – from creating magic show introductions, dropping cards, cats, and self-injury, I experienced it all!

I had then went onto learning how to make a cup levitate! This one was probably my favourite magic trick because it had confused my partner the most. He was shocked afterwords when I had explained the trick to him.

And lastly, I had learnt to make salt disappear thanks to the help of Smoothini! This was also another one of my favourites because it was one where I had felt my skills and abilities had allowed me to perfect the trick. It was also fun to throw salt at my partner.

Now it sounds like I had adapted my project a lot, which I did, but I was able able to learn a bunch of magic tricks that I will keep in my back pocket for future years to come; that is if I can remember them all a month from now..

Final Thoughts

I had absolutely loved this assignment! Although it did not go the way I had originally wanted, it still taught me a lot about what it is like to learn something on the internet as well as learning new things about myself and my abilities. Overall, I think my assignment went as best as it could!

You Got The Magic In You!

This week I decided to share what I had learnt with you in a way that you all can take the time to learn it as well!

Smoothini’s upclose magic had inspired me to try to learn one of this famous tricks.

After a lot of practice, and the purchase of some equipment, I got the trick down-pat!

If you’re interested in learning, the PowerPoint I created is attached!

Can’t wait to see how your magic comes along and remember, you’ve got the magic in you!


America’s Got Talent; My Magic Inspiration

After searching the web for my next trick that I would be learning, I came across a street magician on America’s Got Talent named Smoothini. He performed unclose magic in front of the judges. Smoothini said that the key to unclose magic was perfection and that really stuck out to me. I have noticed this myself and I have come to terms that will more practice, I would be able to perfect these tricks some more. For that reason, I cam cutting down my magic from one trick a week to two. This will allow for perfection to occur and to have my final result look much better.

For these next two weeks, I will be looking at the magic trick with the disappearing salt. I had seen this one before and had remember it from my childhood which is why I chose the trick. Currently, I am watching videos to try and learn the hand techniques behind the trick and over the next two weeks I will be practicing and recording the trick.

See you next week with updates on my magic. Cheers!

Why Is My Drink Floating??

For week 6 of my learning project I chose to do some more up-close magic tricks. My brother had actually sent me this trick so I decided to use it!

The video he had sent me was posted on Youtube by Howcast called The Floating Coffee Cup Trick. It seemed like an easier trick and I was able to figure it out without having to watch how it was done. Just like the previous weeks, I decided to film myself doing the trick and added it to my collection of video.

Being one of the easier magic tricks I had taught myself, this took only a couple of attempts before I had it looking well enough to present. Can you figure out this trick?

Hope you enjoyed the video. See you next week!

A Splice of Magical Moments

Splice Application Logo

I have decided that for the final portion of my learning project that I will hand in, it will be a video segment of all of the magic tricks that I have learnt thus far. The video will play through once quickly to show each trick and hopefully leave people in an “awe” type of moment. Then the video will start from the beginning of the magic trick again and be slowed down so they the viewers can see what has been done in the illusion. This will allow for viewers to watch the trick once but then also practice the trick so that they can learn it themselves. To do all this movie magic I need an app that will allow me to do so. 

What app did I choose? 

Splice is a movie making and video editing app that I was able to download from the app store on my iPhone. The app was rated 4.6 stars out of 5 from over 14 thousand ratings which was enough proof that the app was good enough for what I would be using it for. I had also chosen this app for my project because of how easy it is to share and save the video. The app itself allows you to share the video right from the application to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Email, Messages, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook Messenger, Pinterest, Notes, WordPress, Google Drive, and it even allows you to AirDrop the clip to another device. Because it had all of these features and more, I chose Splice. 

How does it work?  

Once you open the Splice App on your device, it will take you to the main screen. If you have created some projects they would be saved on this screen, however, I have not therefore my screen is blank. To create the video for my magic trick this week, I had to record the trick on my camera. Once the videos were taken, you open Splice back up and tap on the big blue plus sign in the middle of your screen. It will automatically open up your camera roll (you may have to allow access for this to happen). With the camera roll open, you will tap on the videos and images that you would like in your video and then you will click on next on the top right hand side of the screen (it will only appear when you begin to tap on the pictures or videos).

From here you will create your video but first you must choose your “Project title” and the “Aspect ratio”. The app will choose the ratio for you based on the types of media that you upload but I have found that sometimes the images do not fit with the automated pick so you may have to change that, which is as simple as tapping on the other ratios to pick them. Once you have created your title and picked the ratio you will hit the create button on the top right hand side of your screen. Since I do not pay for the application, it will usually pop up with an “ad” asking me to pay for the app, however, there is an “x” on the top right hand of the screen which will take you through the app and allow you to create your video.

Now that you are into the editing portion of the app, you have free range over your video. You can add media, music, a title, text, voice over, and also SFX (which is sound effects). Once your video is perfect in your eyes, you will click on the arrow on the top right hand side. Another page will pop up where you can change the number of frames per second and the resolution of the video. When you have your frames and resolution figured out, you can save your video to the application or share it.

From playing around with this app, I have found that if you hit the share button and share it to whatever platform you would like, it will also save you video onto the apps homepage as well! Now that you have saved your video, it will always be on that homepage but it will also save to your camera roll.

How well did it work for my project?

I think that this application worked great for what I was doing. This week I did a coin magic trick and I will be able to add in some of the other videos that I had done too. The application has a bunch of different features that may enhance my videos as well. I found that this app was amazing and I would use it again for other projects for sure.

Cup and Ball Magic: The Classics

This week I learnt one of the classics in the magic world; the ball and cups magic trick. These object-centred magic tricks were the tricks that I had seen most of growing up. Since I grew up with these sorts of tricks, I thought it would be the perfect trick to add to my collection.

This Weeks Process:

Monday: I sat down at my computer and thought of some other forms of magic tricks that I could do until the end of the semester. I picked out all the tricks that I would have to do for the final project.

Tuesday: I watched the above Youtube video once through. I then grabbed the materials that I would need and followed along with the video. After that, I tried to do it on my own. I got stuck halfway through and had to watch the video again. I tried the trick once more on my own and couldn’t quite get it.

Wednesday: I tried the magic trick once more before heading off to school and forgot some parts of it.

Thursday: I watched the video again and ran through the magic trick five times more on my own.

Friday: I did not practice magic.

Saturday: I ran through the trick once on my own before showing it to my boyfriend. He had recognized the trick right away as he also grew up with it. I showed him the trick to which then lead to me having to teach him how to do it.

Sunday: I took a video of myself doing the trick and saved it, then I wrote about my progress.

This week, I felt, was a good week for my learning project. I was able to spend the right amount understanding the trick and I even had more time to practice it as well. I believe that since it was an easier/smaller trick to do, I was able to give it the time it deserved.

The Art of Card Magic

This week I decided to look into card magic. I looked through Youtube and found one that I hadn’t seen before to allow myself to learn something new within the project.

What are “Card Magic Tricks”?

Card Magic, also known as card manipulation, is a type of magical illusion that creates illusional effects using ever-so-slight techniques of hand movements involving playing cards. This form of magic usually happens close-up, and is usually a part of street magic.

My Learning Process

I felt as though learning a magic trick that involved a deck of cards was an easier trick that would make starting out a bit easier. However, as I go along with my magic tricks, I will try more advanced tricks. The trick that I chose to do was one put on youtube by MLT Magic Tricks. This trick involved finding the king of diamonds, however, you can ask a person to pick a card and be able to find that card within the deck. I had practiced this trick about ten (10) times before I went to my boyfriend to show him what I had learnt. Once I had performed the trick for him and saw his amusement, I knew that this was a trick that I could use for this assignment.

I practiced a few more times before recording the video that I would use to demonstrate my learning at the end of the semester. haven’t decided if the video will be more of a “how to” kind of video or if it will be one where you have to try and solve how the magic tricks were done. I am interested to hear your thoughts on what should be done!

I also came across this video the other day of a magic dragon on Americas Got Talent. His work is very entertaining to watch and he does card tricks so I thought this was a perfect video to share on this post! Everyone, meet Piff the Magic Dragon!

Not So Magical So Far..

Adaptation to this project is definitely a must for myself. Learning magic involves a lot of mental efforts and time to practice. I have decided that for the project, I will learn one magic trick every week to allow for the precision it deserves to occur. I will video record each of the magic tricks that I do and then create a video comprised of all the short clips to be my end result.

I have found that learning magic takes a lot of focus and with having a full class load this semester, my effort levels are quite low when it comes to this project. I hope that if I have my boyfriend or a friend learn the tricks with me, I will be more motivated to learn the tricks. I have a friend who is great with technology and she agreed to help me create a very interesting video for the final result.

I am always looking for ideas for magic tricks! Comment below if you have a magic trick, that as a kid, you never understood how it happened. What do you think I did in the magic trick image above? Comment your thoughts!


For my learning project I decided to do something a little outside the box; Magic!

Magic has always been something that had been of interest to me so I thought that doing this for my project would be the perfect fit.

Currently, I am working on 10 basic magic tricks to begin my knowledge in magic. Eventually I hope to put on a 10-15 minute magic show for my friends and/or family at the end of the project. All the magic that I will be doing for the assignment will involve some sort of prop so that my assignment has a more narrow theme. I will be learning all of my tricks from YouTube and will try to learn at least one a week to allow for the mastery of one trick before moving onto another.