My Contribution To Others Learning

A portion of our grade comes from the contribution to learning of other students. Over the semester we had all worked together to enhance each other’s learning. We had done so by commenting on each others’ blogs, interacting on Slack and Twitter, and creating content for each of us to learn from each other.

By doing this, we were able to build bonds while also gaining knowledge together. I believe that this is an essential part of education. Having students enhance the learning of others allows knowledge to be spread that much quicker — and to also hopefully stop the spread of fake news. Here is how I contributed to the learning of my classmates.

Contributing To Learning Through Blogs

Commenting on each others blog post allows for different perspectives to be heard. It allow helps with confidence in writing and even answering questions when one is stuck without an answer. I like commenting on blog posts because I can see how my fellow classmates responded to the material and I am able to gain information that I may have missed.

I have included some of my comments on my classmates blogs in the form of a slideshow which is linked here.

Contributing To Learning Through Slack

During the semester, we had used Slack. This was where we could communicate with each other and ask questions about almost anything. Our video calls from each week were also posted here as well. Here are some of my contributions in Slack!

Contributing To Learning Through Twitter

Twitter was a large part of what we had done in the class. We participated in TwitterChats, shared resources and funny images with each other, and connected each other with people who we should be following on the platform.

Before this class, I had not used twitter before although I had known what it was. I now know how much of an asset it is to have twitter. I have been able to follow and connect with a wide range of educators and have been able to come across some excellent resources for myself and the classroom. To show some of my contributions on twitter!

To My Fellow Classmates..

Thank you for an amazing semester! I have learnt so many valuable lessons and information from each and every one of you. I only hope that you have learnt something from me as well.

Good luck on your future endeavours and I hope our paths cross soon!


2 thoughts on “My Contribution To Others Learning

  1. Thanks for sharing Brittany. I feel the same way, it has been great a large majority of the class has created somewhat of a bond through our online presence. As the semester has rolled along you can notice the conversations increasing between classmates on twitter and in blogs. Personally, I have l learned a lot from everything people have shared and the helpful conversations everyone has had. Thanks for contributing to my learning as well Brittany, I really appreciate it!

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    • I agree with you Byron. Our conversations have increased over Twitter and other media flatworms greatly. Thank you for your contributions!


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