Back Pocket Full of Magic

As the semester comes to a close, it is time I wrap up my learning project. This learning project was something that I had looked forward to doing throughout the semester. It was a fun reason to be online and to learn something new.

Why should I learn something online?

Online learning is an amazing thing that we are able to do because of the internet. It allows us to learn skills like cooking, writing, speaking a new language, changing a flat tire, and others just with a click of a button and typing in some key words.

What is the learning project?

This project was based on the idea that you are now able to learn and share more online. For this assignment, we were to pick something that we would like to learn and share about in an open online space. It had to be something that requires a sustained effort.

Why Magic?

I can understand that some people may look at what I chose to do for my learning project and automatically assume that is something that does not require a sustained effort or should have been chosen for the assignment at all, which is why I chose to include this portion into my blog post today.

Magic is something that actually requires a lot of effort as it is a live illusion. You must work hard to perfect the timing and object manipulation. Not only does it take a lot of focus and drive to learn magic, but it beneficial to learn as well.


  • improves your critical thinking skills
    • crucial for a career as it may require you to analyze, interfere, interpret, self-regulate, evaluate, and explain
  • improves your creativity and inspires curiosity
  • increases self confidence and charisma
  • teaches self-discipline
  • helps to develop fine and gross motor skills, improves coordination
  • improves interpersonal skills like presentation skills, communication skills, and public speaking skills
  • increases problem-solving skills
  • and can even become a source of income

After looking at magic through what it offers to an individual, it is evident that this is a skill that is worth learning. It is also just something fun for you to learn and to entertain your friends and family with.

My Process

If I am going to be completely honest, starting this project was rough. I often found myself getting frustrated when I couldn’t perform the trick like I had wanted or at all. I had started out wanting to learn at least a trick a week and be able to perform a magic show at the end of the semester. Well, two of these did not happen. If you are sitting there confused right now like, “umm Brittney you only said two things, how did both not work out?” then you are right. Both of the goals I had set for myself at the beginning had not been achieved. Life and my abilities got in the way of being able to achieve these goals so I had to adapt to my situation.

I had adapted my magic to learning one a week and then video tapping them to compile into a video. During this time I learnt disappearing ice, card, cup and ball, coin, floating, and disappearing salt tricks. I had also adapted my magic once again to learn one trick over every two weeks. This was due to stressors from family and school, and a lack of time to practice because of school and having two jobs.

During my first week with this project I had learnt a trick involving ice. This trick was simply to make the ice disappear within the cup itself! Here is an image I took before I had started recording myself.

The next trick I had learnt after was a card trick. This trick involved having to find someones card within the deck of cards. With this trick, the person is assigned whatever the top card is and they do not get to pick their card. This trick involved a bit of card manipulation so this is how it went..

Long story short, I got frustrated as my fingers were not the best for this manipulation type of trick so I took a break. Later during the day, I had saw a card trick that involved people picking their own cards so I tried that one out as well. Here’s how it went!

For my video for the cup and ball trick and the coin trick, I had compiled the two tricks into one video. Of course this did not go as planned, and we had a few distractions along the way – from creating magic show introductions, dropping cards, cats, and self-injury, I experienced it all!

I had then went onto learning how to make a cup levitate! This one was probably my favourite magic trick because it had confused my partner the most. He was shocked afterwords when I had explained the trick to him.

And lastly, I had learnt to make salt disappear thanks to the help of Smoothini! This was also another one of my favourites because it was one where I had felt my skills and abilities had allowed me to perfect the trick. It was also fun to throw salt at my partner.

Now it sounds like I had adapted my project a lot, which I did, but I was able able to learn a bunch of magic tricks that I will keep in my back pocket for future years to come; that is if I can remember them all a month from now..

Final Thoughts

I had absolutely loved this assignment! Although it did not go the way I had originally wanted, it still taught me a lot about what it is like to learn something on the internet as well as learning new things about myself and my abilities. Overall, I think my assignment went as best as it could!

8 thoughts on “Back Pocket Full of Magic

  1. You are not alone! I also adjusted my goals throughout my learning project! It looks like you made great progress this semester! These tricks will probably come in handy in the future, as you amaze many friends and students! I enjoyed reading your blog this semester, thank you for sharing your journey!


    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who had to make adjustments to their assignment. Thank you for following along!


  2. Great blog post Brittney. Your blooper videos gave me a good laugh. Great work adapting your learning project to your abilities. That’s all you really can do when you don’t have a ton of time to practice. I’ve always wondered how people do those sleight-of-hand tricks, and I’m sure tons of practice is the key. I really enjoyed following your learning project journey and reading about your porogress. It’s also awesome to see how much fun you had with it. Great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Lauren, I’m glad you liked my bloopers! Magic is all about the sleight-of-hand tricks and getting the motions down took a long time to practice. Thanks for commenting!


  3. This is great Brittney! It looks like you learned a lot of neat magic tricks that I am sure will be exciting to incorporate into your future classroom! Good for you for persevering even when you were frustrated, I often felt this during my learning project as well. Take care!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for commenting Grace! I feel as though it will be a cool idea I could use for “brain breaks” in my classroom. I am glad that you were able to push through your troubles as well! Take care


  4. I am thankful for your blog! You have learned so many cool magic tricks that your future students will absolutely love! I had a good laugh at your bloopers (very cool idea) it really shows that you are learning and having fun at the same time! Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

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