Sample Teacher/Parent Conversation Around VSCO

For this assignment, Tahreem and I partnered up to create a series of messages on Remind101 about a parent who is concerned about a Grade 7 English Language Arts assignment. Here’s how the conversation went!

4 thoughts on “Sample Teacher/Parent Conversation Around VSCO

  1. Hi Brittney and Tahreem! I love how you chose to use VSCO as it is a unique choice. I also like how the activity is to create a character so it won’t reveal any privacy issues. I remember doing an assignment like this using Instagram. I feel like VSCO has become really popular over the past year or two and it definitely has stereotypes around it like the “VSCO girl”. Also, it is a social media platform where people post anything and everything, which is not always a good thing. One thing I like about VSCO is that it is not about how many likes you get and eliminates that anxiety some people about involving likes and comments. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. This was a really great conversation that did a great job of informing me about what VSCO is and some of the concerns/benefits surrounding it. I had previously heard about “VSCO girls” but had no idea what it meant. You both did a great job of playing your roles and I found your conversation gave me lots of information about something I could potentially use in a classroom.


  3. Such a relevant topic. Very informative and a very believable type of text conversation. I really like the outside of the box thinking when it comes to creating a character from “The Outsiders”, and making a current style account for them. Love that Idea. Keep up the good work.


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