Why Is My Drink Floating??

For week 6 of my learning project I chose to do some more up-close magic tricks. My brother had actually sent me this trick so I decided to use it!

The video he had sent me was posted on Youtube by Howcast called The Floating Coffee Cup Trick. It seemed like an easier trick and I was able to figure it out without having to watch how it was done. Just like the previous weeks, I decided to film myself doing the trick and added it to my collection of video.

Being one of the easier magic tricks I had taught myself, this took only a couple of attempts before I had it looking well enough to present. Can you figure out this trick?

Hope you enjoyed the video. See you next week!

4 thoughts on “Why Is My Drink Floating??

  1. Cool Brittney! I love watching people do magic tricks, they amaze me so much! This past winter during the Ed Gala there was a magician and he was so good!! I still am very confused how he did this one…maybe you can figure it out?!
    So he got 4 random volunteers from the crowd (2 boys and 1 girl) and they lined up on the stage. He also had 4 envelopes with numbers on them and each volunteer had to pick one. He told them how 1 envelope had a cheque of money in it. They picked the envelopes 4,3,&1. The girl opened hers and it read “you will be the only girl on the stage”, the next person opened his and it said “you will have glasses” (and he did), and the third one was “your name is _____” (I forget what the name was, but it was correct”. I was so confused at this point already. The magician then opened the last envelope, which had the cheque for $431 (which was the number’s they chose which was on their envelopes). What are you thoughts how this worked? I am still amazed by this!
    Anyways, great work on your trick this week. Does it have something to do with the cup being held up by your thumbs? Can’t wait to see what else you learn!

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    • Ashlyn, I am as stumped as you are with that trick! It’s so fun watching expert magicians do their work and trying to figure out how they did it! Thanks for sharing your experience. As for my trick, yes it has something to do with my thumbs! Thanks for commenting!

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