Cup and Ball Magic: The Classics

This week I learnt one of the classics in the magic world; the ball and cups magic trick. These object-centred magic tricks were the tricks that I had seen most of growing up. Since I grew up with these sorts of tricks, I thought it would be the perfect trick to add to my collection.

This Weeks Process:

Monday: I sat down at my computer and thought of some other forms of magic tricks that I could do until the end of the semester. I picked out all the tricks that I would have to do for the final project.

Tuesday: I watched the above Youtube video once through. I then grabbed the materials that I would need and followed along with the video. After that, I tried to do it on my own. I got stuck halfway through and had to watch the video again. I tried the trick once more on my own and couldn’t quite get it.

Wednesday: I tried the magic trick once more before heading off to school and forgot some parts of it.

Thursday: I watched the video again and ran through the magic trick five times more on my own.

Friday: I did not practice magic.

Saturday: I ran through the trick once on my own before showing it to my boyfriend. He had recognized the trick right away as he also grew up with it. I showed him the trick to which then lead to me having to teach him how to do it.

Sunday: I took a video of myself doing the trick and saved it, then I wrote about my progress.

This week, I felt, was a good week for my learning project. I was able to spend the right amount understanding the trick and I even had more time to practice it as well. I believe that since it was an easier/smaller trick to do, I was able to give it the time it deserved.

5 thoughts on “Cup and Ball Magic: The Classics

  1. Brittney,

    I am excited to see your final project with all of the magic tricks you have learned. I really like how you elaborated on your learning this week, by listing what you did each day. Sometimes I find it overwhelming to spend time working on my project, because I don’t spread it out over the week, but you have inspired me to do that as well. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I absolutely love magic tricks and get so intrigued when watching them! I would love for you to post of video of you practicing the magic or doing it once you master the trick! I am so excited to see your end project and all the other tricks you master before then.

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  3. Looking good! I like the idea of documenting each day that you practice. It holds you more accountable to practice more frequently rather than all at once. I am a math major, and I find that taking breaks when learning new math concepts helps a lot and I imagine that it is the same with learning magic. I can’t wait to see a video of you doing this type of trick!

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