The Art of Card Magic

This week I decided to look into card magic. I looked through Youtube and found one that I hadn’t seen before to allow myself to learn something new within the project.

What are “Card Magic Tricks”?

Card Magic, also known as card manipulation, is a type of magical illusion that creates illusional effects using ever-so-slight techniques of hand movements involving playing cards. This form of magic usually happens close-up, and is usually a part of street magic.

My Learning Process

I felt as though learning a magic trick that involved a deck of cards was an easier trick that would make starting out a bit easier. However, as I go along with my magic tricks, I will try more advanced tricks. The trick that I chose to do was one put on youtube by MLT Magic Tricks. This trick involved finding the king of diamonds, however, you can ask a person to pick a card and be able to find that card within the deck. I had practiced this trick about ten (10) times before I went to my boyfriend to show him what I had learnt. Once I had performed the trick for him and saw his amusement, I knew that this was a trick that I could use for this assignment.

I practiced a few more times before recording the video that I would use to demonstrate my learning at the end of the semester. haven’t decided if the video will be more of a “how to” kind of video or if it will be one where you have to try and solve how the magic tricks were done. I am interested to hear your thoughts on what should be done!

I also came across this video the other day of a magic dragon on Americas Got Talent. His work is very entertaining to watch and he does card tricks so I thought this was a perfect video to share on this post! Everyone, meet Piff the Magic Dragon!

5 thoughts on “The Art of Card Magic

  1. I loved doing card tricks when I was little! My parents probably did not find is so amusing after the 10th time I made them pick a card. It sounds like you have plans to make a cool video. You could almost incorporate the two ideas into one! You could start by doing the trick and letting viewers see if they can figure out how it is done, and then show them how it is done after! Have fun with your learning project!

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