Not So Magical So Far..

Adaptation to this project is definitely a must for myself. Learning magic involves a lot of mental efforts and time to practice. I have decided that for the project, I will learn one magic trick every week to allow for the precision it deserves to occur. I will video record each of the magic tricks that I do and then create a video comprised of all the short clips to be my end result.

I have found that learning magic takes a lot of focus and with having a full class load this semester, my effort levels are quite low when it comes to this project. I hope that if I have my boyfriend or a friend learn the tricks with me, I will be more motivated to learn the tricks. I have a friend who is great with technology and she agreed to help me create a very interesting video for the final result.

I am always looking for ideas for magic tricks! Comment below if you have a magic trick, that as a kid, you never understood how it happened. What do you think I did in the magic trick image above? Comment your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “Not So Magical So Far..

  1. This is such a neat idea! I remember growing up and watching Criss Angel. I was always shocked at even some of his smallest tricks. I think learning one magic trick a week is a great goal. I am looking forward to your videos and progress!

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  2. This is such a great idea for a learning project! I have always enjoyed watching magic tricks but I could never get an idea of how they worked out! I am definitely going to be following your blog closely so I am able to watch the magic tricks that you do! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


  3. Hey Brittney! I am one of your EDTC 400 mentors and am coming to say hello! I am really looking forward to seeing how you progress in learning magic! I think the idea of learning and perfecting one trick per week is very smart as well. Good luck with your first trick!

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