Personal Philosophy

When I decided to add this page to my blog, I stared at a blank page for hours. What was my personal philosophy? What did I value? Why did I even add this page? Eventually, I came to conclude this:

My personal philosophy is a work in progress and maybe I will never have a complete philosophy but that is fine by me. I am always changing, always learning, always adapting to the world and situations around me. However, I know that the things I value most will never change:

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Good health (physical, mentally, and spiritually)
  4. Education

These things shape the person who I am today and everyday I try to focus on those values. They create the woman I am today and the woman that I will be in the future. Knowing my personal philosophy is not complete does not bother me. I am in no rush to figure everything out, I am happy to simply just enjoy the ride, wherever it may take me!

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