Introducing Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Brittney Krogsgaard. I am an undergraduate student at the University of Regina studying Elementary Education. I currently am living in Regina for school but I move back home during the summer. I am new to the idea of blogging and have little to no experience with Educational Technologies, however I am very excited to expand my knowledge. I believe that learning to blog and being able to expand my knowledge on other media platforms will help me in the future. This is due to the network that is created through the internet and also the vast amount of information that can be accessible to a future educator, and truly anyone else, that would benefit their lives and/or jobs.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are my current forums. Feel free to follow my accounts and watch my learning process as I learn more information about the advantages of Educational Technologies! Also if you are a huge food junkie like me, check out my food page!

1 thought on “Introducing Me

  1. Hello Brittney!
    Welcome to WordPress! I hope you find this well.
    Educational technologies are definitely booming!

    A few pages I could suggest:
    About me page
    Professional Development (Uni classes)
    Resources (Could be your lesson plans, websites you like using for example teacherspayteachers or sparklebox)
    A Teaching Philosophy or Teaching Profile (Your teaching beliefs)

    I look forward to seeing how your portfolio looks by the end of the semester!


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